I love food and I’m trying to be healthy about it…

So I make up a bunch of recipes so I can keep eating food. Lots of it. Sometimes, the recipes are ick. Sometimes they’re amazing. I decided I feel like sharing these experiments and don’t feel like cluttering my instagram with them…so here we are.

I’ve learned things from awesome, inventive bloggers, like @Mudhustler, but I like playing around with flavors, not baking chemistry. I like buying products just to give them a whirl and I won’t sugar coat how they work out. I also don’t make money off recommending things through links so don’t be afraid to take a look at stuff.

Anywho, stay tuned for more terribly worded posts like this and lots of Captain America waffles. I have one waffle iron and it’s a big ol’ Marvel money trap. Not sorry.

I’m also a Weight Watcher, so I’ll include SmartPoint values to help out my fellow WWs.

Hope you try some of these, and enjoy!

♥ Rachel


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